Whilst the week wasn’t off to a fantastic start, we have seen a marked improvement in overall performance and stability of the system throughout the week with today being the best day so far.

The team have been continuing to move through the challenges associated to the migration. Hopefully those working today have had a much improved experience.

What have we been working on this week:

  • invoicing
  • messaging
  • stability
  • images and image sizing
  • printing
  • investigating issues that were happening on the hour
  • trying to get through the large backlog of tickets


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What next:

We will hopefully be able to get through the majority of the backlog of support requests next week. If you are waiting on anything urgent, please feel free to call us and confirm. Once this exercise is complete, we should have a much clearer picture on what is still outstanding so that we can ensure the migration is complete.

Remember to keep checking out the website and always use the orange Log In button to access iCOS LIVE.

Once complete, we can then all focus on the exciting reason that we made this move, rather then dwell on the difficult time it took to get here.

As always, the team very much appreciate your continued support and understanding through this time.
We look forward to sending you newsletters that contain exciting improvements, new features and good news.